Banareng Holdings is a well-established South African holding company,
offering conventional and innovative products and services,
locally and internationally.

Banareng Holdings

With an impeccable track record and reputation, Banareng Holdings has grown exponentially since its establishment in 2007. Each business unit services a different target market with appropriate products suited to meet their needs. Offering full services, products and solutions through its constituent companies, ranging from Office Products, Printing to Construction and building services.
The Company is Black-owned, B-BBEE level 1.
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Banareng Holdings Business Units


Through its subsidiaries, the company offers brands that are unique and seamlessly tailored to suit various markets. The segments encompass office products and services, Printing Solutions and Construction.

Our Mission

We are a well established company. We use imagination and creativity to solve problems and inspire our clients with superior strategies and actions that improve their businesses.

Our Vision

To help our clients create the best possible business environment, and to be the company they would happily choose to work with every time.

Banareng Holdings Values


We are dedicated to the success of achieving your business objectives through strategic partnerships and alliances. Our process is designed to help you get more for your money by partnering with leading brands.


To serve clients by speaking the truth with passion. Our clients value our knowledgeable advice, based on decades of experience and a deep understanding of their businesses.


We use the best digital technologies to create solutions that drive growth for the benefits of our clients and their customers.


We provide compliant outsourced services to help you run a successful organization and make sure that you do so in a manner that protects your clients, employees, partners and bottom line.


Banareng Holdings Supports BEE Partnerships

We aim to leverage our collaborative platform to serve customers, suppliers, and communities through initiatives that promote sustainability

Banareng Holdings Clients

Our clients' shared values are the foundation of our relationship.
These values include trust, openness, and commitment to excellence.


+27(0)11 453 4023
45 Voortrekker Avenue
Edenvale, 1601
Johannesburg, South Africa